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Facials are about more than just relaxing, although that’s certainly a benefit. At LACCMA Beauty in Hawthorne, California, Augustine Iluore, MD, and his skilled aesthetic team tailor facials to your specific skin care concerns. Whether you have sensitive skin, oily skin, sun damage, or other concerns, a clinical-grade facial can benefit you. To book your personalized facial, request an appointment online or over the phone.

Facials Q & A

Why do I need a facial?

Facials, equally as beneficial for both men and women, are important for refreshing and rejuvenating your skin, bringing back your youthful glow. By using clinical-grade skin care products, including Obagi®, your aesthetic specialist selects and combines products based on your skin concerns. You may benefit from a facial to:

  • Thoroughly exfoliate your skin
  • Get rid of pimples and blemishes
  • Deep clean your pores
  • Moisturize dry, tired skin

Because your facial is tailored to your specific needs at that moment, no two facials are the same. Your own facial needs can vary from visit to visit, too.

What happens during a facial?

Before getting started, your dedicated skin care expert sits down with you and discusses your overall skin health, any current concerns, and what you’d like to achieve — such as controlling oil or minimizing lines.

The first step involves thoroughly cleansing your skin and washing away dirt and debris. Depending on your individual skin care needs, you’re going to get a mask, deep moisturizer, acne treatment, or astringent — usually a personalized combination of these.

During your facial, your aesthetic specialist gently applies each product thoroughly by massaging it into your skin. Not only does this facial massage help you relax, it also improves blood flow to your skin and reduces puffiness.

From beginning to end, expect your facial to take 45-60 minutes. Some men and women opt to pair their facial with a chemical peel for optimal anti-aging and skin-purifying benefits. In this case, your facial treatment can take up to 80 minutes.  

How often should I get a facial?

While no set-in-stone facial schedule exists, Dr. Iluore and the aesthetic team at LACCMA Beauty recommend getting a professional facial every 4-6 weeks. You may consider having one more frequently, especially if you struggle with frequent breakouts or overly dry skin. The team can set you up with a regular facial schedule with your preferred provider so it easily becomes part of your beauty regimen.

Book your luxurious facial at LACCMA Beauty today. Click on the online scheduling feature to schedule your appointment, or call and speak with a team member to book.

* Individual results may vary.