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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires you to go through comprehensive immigration physicals to obtain your green card and to earn citizenship. As an approved immigration physical provider, expert internist Augustine Iluore, MD, of LACCMA Beauty can help. Dr. Iluore offers flexible scheduling for immigration physicals in his Hawthorne, California, office. Click on the online scheduler to book, or call the clinic directly.

Immigration Physicals Q & A

Why do I need an immigration physical?

An immigration physical is a standardized medical exam done by a Department of Homeland Security designated Civil Surgeon. This medical exam includes several tests and appropriate vaccinations. In most cases, you need a thorough medical exam when you apply for a green card in the United States. An immigration physical is also part of the naturalization process in order to obtain citizenship.

But not anyone can perform immigration physicals. USCIS requires physicians to be designated by the agency as Civil Surgeons for the physical exam to be acceptable. At LACCMA Beauty, Dr. Iluore is certified to provide immigration physicals and fill out the required paperwork.

What happens during an immigration physical?

An immigration physical is much like a routine exam you’ve had in the past, although this particular exam has more of an emphasis on communicable diseases. Dr. Iluore has certain evaluations and tests he must perform during an immigration physical, including:

  • Tuberculosis (TB) testing (with Quantiferon or T spot)
  • Chest X-ray (as needed)
  • Syphilis and Gonorrhea screening
  • Immunization updates
  • Mental health evaluation
  • Drug abuse or addiction evaluation
  • Head-to-toe physical examination

Depending on your medical history, you might need additional evaluations and personalized blood draw testing. Dr. Iluore is also likely going to measure your height and weight and check your pulse and blood pressure. Once your exam is complete, he can let you know if you’re going to require any additional follow-up care and help you fill out your paperwork.  

How do I prepare for an immigration physical?

It’s important to know what to bring to LACCMA Beauty for your immigration physical so your appointment goes as smoothly as possible. You’re going to need to bring the following items:

  • Vaccination records
  • Form I-693
  • Previous medical records
  • List of medications and dosages
  • Valid passport or government-issued photo ID

If you’ve been treated for a communicable disease or mental health disorder in the past, Dr. Iluore needs a record of your treatment and certificate of clearance. The team at LACCMA Beauty has extensive experience in processing immigration physical paperwork, so you can feel confident that they’re going to help you be successful throughout the entire process.

The team at LACCMA Beauty offers flexible scheduling for immigration physicals. Book your exam by requesting an appointment online or over the phone.