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You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide your legs just to cover up unsightly veins. If you’re ready to get rid of problem veins once and for all, schedule a vein evaluation with Augustine Iluore, MD, at LACCMA Beauty. Dr. Iluore and his specialized Hawthorne, California, aesthetic team offer innovative vein treatments with the state-of-the-art Elite+ laser system. Schedule your vein appointment online, or call the clinic to speak with a team member.

Vein Treatment Q & A

What causes varicose and spider veins?

Varicose and spider veins develop when blood pools in the vein. This can damage the vein, causing it to become bulged and discolored.

You can develop unsightly veins anywhere on your body, including your face and chest. Lower legs are most common because your circulatory system has a hard time working against the force of gravity to move blood back up. Both varicose and spider veins are similar; varicose veins are just larger.

While it isn’t always known why some men and women develop varicose and spider veins more than others, common causes and risk factors include:

  • Working on your feet for long periods
  • Being overweight or obese
  • A family history of varicose or spider veins

These veins also develop more commonly in women due to hormonal fluctuations that cause veins to relax — especially around pregnancy.

Do varicose and spider veins cause symptoms?

They certainly can. Aside from their obvious discolored appearance, varicose and spider veins can cause:

  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Pain and tenderness
  • Achy or heavy sensation
  • Itchiness and redness

If you do experience pain and discomfort associated with varicose and spider veins, it’s usually worse after sitting or standing for long periods.

How are leg veins treated?

At LACCMA Beauty, you can get rid of problem varicose and spider veins by going through advanced laser treatments with Elite+. Laser vein removal works by sending strong beams of energy deep into your vein to heat it up.

This damages it and forces blood to circulate to surrounding veins. Over the following few weeks, your treated vein starts to gradually fade. The entire treatment is performed right in the office and is virtually pain-free.

As an experienced internal medicine provider, Dr. Iluore thoroughly evaluates you and your overall health to try to get to the root of why you have varicose or spider veins. If needed, he can treat that issue to minimize future vein issues, too.  

Find out if you’re a candidate for vein treatments offered at LACCMA Beauty by scheduling a consultation. Book online or over the phone.

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